Card Access

For many different types of businesses, it is critical that access to certain areas be restricted to select employees and individuals. One of the most effective methods that can be employed to effectively fulfill this crucial organizational goal is the implementation of a security card access control system. This can help employers not only restrict access to certain areas, but also to monitor which employee has gained access to those restricted areas.

Access control is the lynchpin of effective security in and around your facility. Let Keystone Alarms help you control your entrances and exits, as well as integrate technology to track employee activity — combine it with video for visual identification of those authorized (or unauthorized) trying to gain entrance to your facility. Select from the latest wireless technology solutions or high-security measures for areas which may require special coverage. Don’t leave your business or residence blinded!

Card Access can also be used to protect your residence and/or garage. Call us today for a customized security plan for your home or business at 215-457-4646.


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